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Organisations and individuals around the world are meeting their goals with the help of Google’s solutions programmes and funding for education. Read their stories.

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2017 NSF BIGDATA grant sponsored by Columbia University builds on Google Cloud Platform to solve problems in climate science

Amherst Central Schools encourage collaboration across school years and at home

Arizona State deploys G Suite in less than two weeks

At Carnegie Mellon University, machine learning gets social

At Code/Interactive, teachers learn how to empower students through computer science education

At St. Norbert College, G Suite brings easy collaboration, communication and information sharing to campus

At UNC Greensboro, students and staff take charge of online groups and collaboration

Australian Catholic University creates lasting success through CS partnerships

Bacchus Marsh Grammar replaces aging laptops with versatile Chromebooks

Bloomington Schools transform learning with the help of G Suite and Chromebooks

Boise State University saves $90,000 annually with G Suite for Education

Bombay School uses G Suite and Chromebooks to transform learning

Bridgeport Middle School creates a learning network with technology coaching

Brittany Wenger wrote an algorithm to detect breast cancer better

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School students tackle global issues with Google for Education tools

Broward County Public Schools attract diverse students to CS classes

Brown University creates a collaborative community of independent thinkers

Brown University uses VR to immerse students in American history

Canberra Public Schools empower students to 'Learn, Anywhere' with G Suite for Education and Chromebooks

Carmel Catholic High School in the USA creates engaging, interactive classes with Google tools

Carroll School helps students overcome learning disabilities with Google for Education

Catrobat launches scalable platform, content and training with Google funding

Central Wyoming College helps students and staff work together on and off campus

Charles R. Drew Middle School tackles classroom challenges with coaching

Chicago Public Schools makes learning more interactive using G Suite for Education

Chromebooks at Columbus State University’s Simon Schwob Memorial Library

Creating opportunities for rural communities through CS PD

DeWitt Perry Middle School makes the classroom more collaborative

Del Mar Union dramatically improved pupils' writing skills

Diocese of Townsville brings students a world of learning with Chromebooks and G Suite for Education

Dynamic Learning Project coach helps bridge the digital divide at McGuffey Middle School

Edmonton Public Schools builds collaborative learning with G Suite for Education

Emerald STEAM Middle School individualizes education in the classroom

Emory University researchers use Google Cloud Platform to predict sepsis in intensive care patients

Fairfield County School District in rural SC is inspiring its students and improving test scores

Georgetown University connects the community on campus and beyond

Georgia State uses Google Cloud Platform to improve disaster recovery

Gilbert Middle School encourages students to become creators of technology

Huntsville Independent School District helps close the digital divide with Google for Education

Innovative Clarkstown Central School District helps Google create its latest product – Classroom

Jackson Preparatory School helps teachers achieve work-life balance with Google for Education

Jeff Davis County Schools modernises a rural school district with the help of Google for Education

John Monash Science School courses go virtual with G Suite for Education

Landrum Middle School helps students take ownership over their learning

Lee County Schools personalises learning using Google solutions

Los Coches Creek Middle School reaches new heights of digital learning

MIT professor pushes computing limits with the largest cluster ever built in the public cloud

Manhattan College improves information technology services to support students and staff better

Ms Kornowski finds new ways to connect with her students through Google Forms

North Carolina State University makes teaching and learning more collaborative and creative

Pelion Middle School keeps students and teachers inspired

Point England School in NZ is engaging its students and their families using Google for Education

Researchers at Northeastern use Google Cloud Platform to model Zika’s spread

Richardson West Junior High Arts and Technology Magnet School creates a culture of innovation

San José State University supports students to teach themselves programming basics

South China University of Technology uses Google funding for educator tech training

St. Columba Anglican School uses G Suite for Education and Google Classroom to help students teach each other

St. Luke the Evangelist School creates young self-learners with Chromebooks and G Suite for Education

Stanford University improves scientific data management using Flywheel on Google Cloud Platform

Students from New York use Google Expeditions to learn about the Crow Indians

Teacher Abby sparks curiosity about the hero's journey with Chromebooks

Teacher Anna connects art with students lives using Chromebooks and skateboards

Teacher Frank inspires students to design prosthetic limbs with Chromebooks and 3D printers

Teacher Matt brings chemistry to life with a student-run soap company powered by Chromebook

The Arlington Independent School District breaks down barriers of access

The Google Educator Groups have launched in India and are using Google tools to improve learning in their classrooms

The Jesuits’ Schools support its student education in digital skills with Chromebooks

These sixth graders in Mexico built a dispenser to make drinking water accessible

This fifth grader in MX uses water bottles to light his community

This teacher is helping indigenous women in Mexico get online

University College Dublin students and staff save time, and increase sharing with G Suite

University of Michigan unifies 19 schools under a culture of collaboration with G Suite for Education

University of Minnesota deploys G Suite – with expected annual savings of between $2–3 million

Using machine learning to transform online education and improve student outcomes

Vedruna schools will save up to €600,000 in the next 4 years due to the elimination of maintenance and licensing costs

Warwickshire College Group brings international experts to the classroom with Google for Education

Western Wyoming Community College unites rural communities with CS

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